The One about JR x Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Illumination at Shinjuku Station’s Penguin Square

In Japan, the 30th Anniversary of the popular Square Enix franchise, “Final Fantasy” is ongoing in Japan.

From collaborations with VISA, collaborations with LINE and JR East, to name a few, “Final Fantasy” fever is ongoing this winter in Japan.

And to celebrate the 30th anniversary of both JR East and Square Enix “Final Fantasy”, both are collaboration on a special project.

The campaign is for “Final Fantasy YL” (Yamanote Line) stamp rally which people will see various battles on top of Shinjuku Station.  At each town station on the Yamanote Line, people can collect various characters as part of “Fun! Tokyo x Final Fantasy YL”.  At 15 locations are limited posters with a QR code, and people can post a special message that will be seen on the march project video at Penguin Square.

The illumination in front of Shinjuku station started on November 15th and lasts through December 27th.

I have to admit that being a “Final Fantasy” video game fan as a child through my teenage years, my college years and even partaking in the games as an adult, having grown up with these games and hearing the music from the games being played instead of Christmas music, it was surreal.  Especially seeing the warp crystal, brought great memories that made me stoked about being at the location.

Here is a short video and videos from my Facebook Live: