The One about the Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination 2017

One of the coolest shopping areas in Japan is Caretta Shiodome in Minato, Tokyo.

It’s the location of the Advertisement Museum, the Sky View on the 46th floor overlooking Tokyo, the location of the Dentsu Shiki Theatre UMI, Turtle Fountain and many cool restaurants.

It’s also the site where people come to check out the Caretta Illumination 2017.

As Caretta Shiodome celebrates its 12th year, the show promises to showcase 250,000 LED’s beginning at 5:00 p.m. through 11:00 p.m. and a new show every 20 minutes.

The theme this year is Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, so you will hear Angela Lansbury’s “Beauty and the Beast” theme and the “Do your Best” song.  In addition, there is another set that plays with Celine Dion’s song instead of “Beauty and the Beast”.

The illumination began on November 16th and will last through Valentines Day of 2018.

Of the illuminations throughout Tokyo, coolness level is high.  Another reason that makes this site so cool is that it allows people to walk in paths within the illumination, which is great for potos and during intermission, couples can take a photo in the Christmas Tree in the center.

While the illumination is short, to visit this area is free and there is only two illumination shows, so chances for one to get into the front to get a close look at what’s happening is very good.  There are crowds but after every 20-minute interval, you can advance towards the front.

The location is indoors and while you can go up Caretta Shiodome to see things from above, it’s best to be right there on ground level.

But of the Christmas illumination, this illumination site is no doubt one of the top 3 I’ve seen and many place it on top of the list at #1.

So, if you happen to be in Japan until February 14th, definitely give Caretta Illumination 2017 a try!

Here is a video I shot of one of the sets and also the intermission.