The One about the White Kitte at KITTE in the Marunouchi area of Chiyoda

Located at the KITTE Marunouchi shopping complex next to Tokyo Station and located in JP Towers is a beautiful Christmas tree.

Often a Christmas location worth visiting, the KITTE Building is unique in the sense that it’s the first commercial facility of the Japan Post (think: USPS) and the name is a play on the words “Kitte” for postage stamps and “kite which means, “come here”.

KITTE launched the “White Christmas” that started in November 22nd and will end on Christmas day.

Open at 17:10 through 22:40 in the first floor.

Next to the White Christmas tree is Bisco’s own tree and smaller Christmas display.  But if you happen to be visiting Tokyo Station, just go left to the main KITTE building and check out the Christmas festivities inside the building.

Here is video from a Facebook Live post that I did not long ago: