The One about Kagome Yasai Seikatsu 100 Smoothies in Japan

For those who know my morning regiment, it’s either coffee or I blend my own smoothies.

But if you are traveling overseas, no access to a blender and are not going to buy days worth of fruits.  The next best thing are the Kagome smoothies.

Kagome is one of Japan’s well-known brands that goes as far back in 1899 when Ichitaro Kanie cultivated tomatoes and non-native vegetables.

In 1903, he started production of tomato sauce and by 1908, he produced tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce and in 1933, he sold tomato juice.

But the name Kagome would begin in 1963 and by 1973, the sales of vegetable mixed juice began.

But the smoothies…that would launch in 1995 as YASAI SEIKATSU 100 went on sale and has become Japan’s best-selling fruit & Vegetable mixed juice.

Go into the conbini (convenience store) such as 7-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, etc. and you will find them and there are many different kinds.

From Mango Peach Smoothie (mangoes, peach, apple and carrot).  Green Smoothie (kiwi, celery, carrots, apples) and the berry smoothie (blue berries, black berries, carrots and soy milk).

I got the Tonyu Banana Mix, which is soy milk (tonyu), banana, apples and carrots and it was absolutely delicious.  Banana flavor but important for potassium and energy!

It’s smaller than a water bottle, so I often buy two. But if you are craving for that smoothie, head to the local convenience store or supermarket and give these Kagome Yasai Seikatsu 100 smoothies a try!