The One about Ao no Dokutsu in Yoyogi Park

Greetings from Japan everyone.

Sorry it’s been a week or so since I have last posted but I have been out of the hotel early in the morning and back late at night and was not getting accustomed to sleep (averaging only four hours) until this past Saturday, where I actually got a good 7 hours of sleep.

I have been visiting all the Christmas illumination sites and as there are many great ones, I want to show videos on those, but for now, I’ll talk about Ao no Dokutsu in Yoyogi Park (which is located in Shibuya).

I went there last night, not expecting much as certain areas were a bit of a letdown.  Some were great, but some were mainly, having a Christmas tree in one spot or some light up display.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Ao no Dokutsu because there are trees with blue lights at Keyakizaka in Roppongi Hills but after visiting the place last night, all I can say is “wow!”.

They really go all out in blue, with some LED tricks that appear sporadically.

While Ao no Dokutsu is known in Tokyo for it being at Yoyogi Park, six other locations are now in the running to doing their own Ao no Dokutsu and people can vote on it.

But overall, while not the best illumination site, it’s still a cool place to visit because it emits so much blue light that even your photos look surreal.

Ao no Dokutsu began on November 22nd and will end on December 31st.  So, if you are heading out to Tokyo, definitely give this place a try!