The One about Gotokuji Station in Setagaya

Back in 1927, Gotokuji Station in Setagaya, Tokyo was created.

Designated as station OH 10 and is on the Odakyu Odawara Line, from the station, you can go to Machida, Hon-Atsugi, Odawara, Hakone-Tozan Railway, Hakone-Yumoto, Odakyu Tama Line – Karakida, Odakyu Enoshima Line Fujisawa and Katase-Enoshim or the opposite way to Shinjuku, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line – Ayase or Joban Line – Toride.

There is only one ticket gate and one entrance and exit and for many travelers, this is the station to go to the famous Gotokuji Temple.

But what I found interesting about Gotokuji Station is that it’s right next door to Yamashita Station.

In June 2010, a lucky cat was added to the front of the station.  Which is a cool greeting to get one amped for the walk to Gotokuji Temple.  And considering the station is named after the well-visited Buddhist temple.

Gotokuji Station is a smaller station and back in 1960 (Showa 35), the station would have an average of 21,429 passengers per day. As of 2016 (Heisei 28), the average number has slightly risen to 26,724.  The most passengers were during the ’70s (before more stations were added) especially in 1975 (Showa 50) where the station had an average of 37,353 passengers.

But if happen to be going to Gotokuji Temple, you’ll no doubt be going through Gotokuji Station.