The One about Denali Toklat II Hiking Boots

Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America and located in Alaska.

It is also the name of an independent retail store along with Trailblazer in Southern New England.

Stores that cater to outdoor brands such as The North Face, Timberland, Keen, Merrell, Astral, Vasque and many more. The stores were founded in 1994 with a total of seven stores in New England and sponsoring dozens of outdoor events across the country.

And while Denali sells shoes of other brands at their stores, they also sell outdoor shoes through Big 5 Sporting Goods.

Featuring inexpensive Denali Toklat II hiking boots that are waterproof, I figured why not put them through the test.

As Denali is the highest mountain peak located in Alaska, Toklat is a river in central Alaska.

The Toklat II boots are made in China and come in gray and black with combination suede with waterproof bootie lining, rustproof metal hardware, a Ghillie lacing system which cinches up tight with one pull of the laces, heel and toe abrasion guards and thick padded collar.

The midsole features a padded insole and the outsole features a durable non-marking TPR and aggressive trail pattern for traction.

For the most part, I do like the look and for hiking boots on a budget, I think they are affordable for those who want to get their feet out the door and start doing basic hiking, especially those who don’t want to spend all that much just yet.  They just want to try it out a hike before going full force and investing in the equipment.

So, there are much better quality hiking boots made by reputable outdoor brands and when one’s ready to make the investment, then definitely go that direction.

But for those who are going on group hiking events with friends or co-worker for the first few times to see if it’s their thing, then definitely give the Denalli Toklat II Hiking Boots a try.  They are inexpensive, they are waterproof and I’ve tested these to see if they will break apart and so far they’re holding up.  I do recommend adding Dr. Scholl insoles for more comfort and you’re read to go!

If you are interested in these boots, keep an eye on Big 5 sales as these Denali Toklat II hiking boots may go on sale!