The One about the Last Vacation of 2017 in Japan

Hi everyone!  By the time you read this, I will be arriving in Japan to take part in the next travel challenge.

This time around, I will be taking on a few challenges. For those who followed me last year, may recall I took on the Tokyo Ward Challenge which I had to visit and experience all 23 wards (for those in the U.S., think “Counties”) and was able to do it.

But this time, I added a few challenges…

One is the Kanto Challenge:

In a few days from now, I will embark on the final leg of my #TravelLifeexploration of Japan. While this is not my final time visiting Japan, there are other countries I want to explore next. But for the future in Japan, I still have to visit the island of Hokkaido, the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, visit the island of Kyushu and visit Fukuoka, visit Okinawa. But those areas will require a bit more planning and research.

2016 was about the Tokyo Ward Challenge (visiting all 23 wards) and for 2017 is the Kanto Challenge, visiting all prefectures in the Kanto region of Japan’s Honshu Island. I will then embark on visiting areas in the Kansai region and the Chubu Region.

* Visiting areas that I’ve always wanted to visit in the Kanto Region.
* While there, my goal is to visit all major Christmas illumination sites in Tokyo.
* Visit the top 25 coffee shops in Tokyo
* Try the top ramen restaurants in Tokyo
* Try the Menchi Katsu at Sato’s in Ichijoji
* Eat Kobe Steak in Kobe
* One final visit to Tsukiji as they will be moving to Toshima in 2018.
* I will do the Yamanote Station Challenge!
* Continue my visit of the NPB ballparks and visiting the Seibu Lions ballpark in Saitama and the Chiba Lotte Marines ballpark in Chiba.

And a lot more!!!

Last year, while I was there for the beginning of Christmas in Tokyo, I left a few days before they went full on “illumination mode”. So, in order to capture the holiday season, I had to forego the Tokyo Halloween festivities (that I enjoyed so much) and delay traveling to Japan a month later.

I will do similar live blogging on Facebook but not as much or as long as last year, where I dedicated so much time doing it. I realized that my ratio of live video vs. 1080p video I captured were 90% all live videos and I could barely use them for my YouTube channel. So, I’m going to do probably 5% Facebook and 95% video on my cameras.

And yes, there will be food photos. This whole vacation will be a cheat day but I’m not so concerned because I’m going to be walking many miles per day like last year, so I’m not too concerned. if you see a few unhealthy things on my Facebook posted during this vacation time, it’s going to happen. 😝


Because the temperatures are going to be low, some areas cold and will be snowing, going father in frigid conditions no doubt takes me out of my comfort zone.  But that’s the part of traveling that I enjoy, the adventure of it it all.

So, I’ll do what I can to post while out on vacation.

Happy holidays everyone!