The One about the Yamada Yoji Museum in Katsushika Part 2

As I continue to visit the wonderful Yamada Yoji Museum in Katsushika, the main room of the Yamada Yoji museum is where you will find a lot of nostalgic items from his past films.

The main room is where you will see many of the film reels but also you can watch each Yamada Yoji film through a video screen behind the film reels.

If anything, I was just amazed to be near so much cinematic history and if you are a fan of Yamada Yoji’s works, it’s just a wonderful feeling to be see such history!

And you can see more in this video…

But overall, if you enjoy Yamada Yoji films, definitely make it out to Katsushika, Tokyo for both the Yamada Yoji Museum and the Tora-san Museum.