The One about Seki Shrine in Kita

Yesterday, I posted about Oji Shrine in Kita ward.  Now, I’m going to post about Seki Shrine and the nearby gingko tree which is a very short walk from Oji Shrine.

Seki Shrine (Seki Jinja) is considered a subsidiary shrine and it’s rare shrine dedicated to an ancestral deity who is considered the God of Hair, Semimaru.

The story goes that poet, Prince Semaru, had a sister with her hair, so he had his servant create a wig for her.  He is enshrined at Seki Shrine and the shrine was created sometime between the 17th and 19th century (Edo Period)

People who are suffering from thin hair visit the shrine, including barbers and hairdressers looking for good fortune.

Right next to the shrine is a pillar that says “Kezuka” (Monument of Hair) but also a gingkyo tree that is 600 years old.