The One about Yamashita Station in Setagaya

Traveling to Japan, I’m always fascinated by various train stations and the variety of trains that the country has.

In Setagaya, Yamashita Station is right across the street from Gotokuji Station and unlike Gotokuji, has the look of a very old station.

And old is the station as it was created in 1925 and has two sides, bringing people to Shimo-Takaido and Kamimachi-Sangen-Jaya.

The station has gone through several names, from 1925-1938 as Yamashita Station and then in 1939-1968 as Tamagawa Yamashita staiton and then being renamed to Yamashita Station from 1969 and on.

And for me, what I like seeing is the Tokyu trains that have a different style than most Tokyo trains.

The trains that you will see are the 300 series, which are not at all old.    They have been around since 1999 and are not so fast, about 40 km/h (24 MPH) but for me, it’s a fascinating train to look at because it’s designed differently than other trains you would find in Tokyo.

But overall for densha fans, Yamashita Station is worth checking out just to see/ride a Tokyu Corporation 300 series train.