The One about the Members Only Men’s Vegan Leather Iconic Racer Jacket

Back in the ’80s, owning a “Members Only” jacket made you part of the cool crew!

Yes, I had a gray Members Only jacket (yeah, like the dude in the final episode of “The Sopranos”) minus the ’80s perm but hey, those were the times.

“Members Only” goes as far back as 1975 when it was created and introduced in America in the ’80s, the slogan “when you put it on, something happens”.

But the jackets were short-lived as most trends are in pop culture. A few years later, people wanted to wear anything with Guess and in the ’90s, anyone wanted a cool black leather bomber jacket.

So, suffice to say, my fond memories of wearing a Members Only jacket is stuck in the ’80s.

And in 2017, Members Only has released their vegan leather iconic racer. I suppose vegan is a much cooler way of saying it’s faux, because it’s made of 100% polyurethane.

No biggie, considering a lot of jackets are made of PU faux leather and anything made with tanned animal hide would be more expensive.

You have the trademark Members Only snap iconic throat latch and the signature shoulder epaulettes and you have the Members Only logo on the front pocket.

I wish the front pockets were a little deeper, as they are quite small.

The jacket did keep me warm as we are approaching cold season but overall, the jacket fit as expected. I wear size large, but if your wearing sweaters, good to go one size larger and the XL had a good fit overall.

But seeing that Members Only also has dark blue and white versions (and other colors) of the iconic leather racer jacket, I’m interested in seeing how those work with my wardrobe.

But overall, it’s a classic-style faux vegan leather Members Only Iconic Racer jacket that is worth checking out if you are into Members Only jackets!