The One about the Skagen Signatur Hybrid Smart Watch (SKT1111)

I have reviewed several Skagen watches on my blog and one of the things I tend to emphasize is that Skagen watches are now known for their lightness, stylish design but also being affordable quartz watches.

As a watch enthusiast, I also recommend Skagen for those who are starting out with purchasing of watches, wanting it to be stylish but also are not as willing to spend over a $100 on a watch.

But with that being said, Skagen also has higher end watches and since 2016, I have been impressed with Skagen’s Hybrid Smart Watches.

This is for those who want the compromise of a smart watch that records your steps, sleep activity but has the look of a non-digital watch.

As a person who wears a smart watch, especially fitness watches, one of the things that I often think about is that I would like to wear classier watches, but often torn because I want to record my steps and activity on my smartwatch.

Wouldn’t that be cool if there was a dress watch that would have similar abilities to a smart watch?

This is where Skagen comes in with their Skagen Connected Signatur Hybrid Watch.

The watches look slightly different from the simple, yet elegant Skagen Signature watch.  But the watch is said to last four months on its internal battery (Replaceable CR2430) and this watch requires to be connected to an app for compatible with phones running Android OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+.

To remove the case and replace the battery, take a coin and twist the case (so you will see two dots match) and then replace your battery.  Please review this YouTube video for more information:

The setup is quite easy.  After downloading and starting the Skagen Connected App, hold the middle button on the right side of the watch for several seconds until your smartphone detects the Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Smart Watch.

As the time is adjusted to match the time on your smartphone, the hands will move to their appropriate time.  Meanwhile, you can press a button which will then show you what day it is (note: the arms will suddenly point to the date as shown around the dial).

The app then asks questions in regards to your fitness such as your goal for your steps, your goal for sleeping and more.  It’s limited compared to actual sports smartwatches but that’s where the compromise comes in of having a hybrid smartwatch.  It tries to bring the best of both worlds but unfortunately, doing that does not exactly make things perfect.

You can add another time zone and once you select your birthdate, height and weight, it can connect to several different apps.  But on the Skagen app, you have more control to setup text/e-mail notifications, alarm and have shortcuts to snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music via the Skagen Hagen Connected hybrid Smart Watch.

And you have the power to set the functions within the Skagen Connected App and turn them on (the more you have on, more than likely it can affected performance of your watch, let alone battery power).

If you don’t like the color of the strap, you can easily purchase a 20 leather strap from Skagen that suits your taste.

The Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Smart Watch is for those who want style but want a watch to have functions like its fitness watch or smartwatch counterpart.  Skagen offers various styles of Hybrid Smart Watch.

I feel this watch is attractive and definitely is a compromise for those who want a dress watch with limited smartwatch/fitness watch functions.

It’s important to note that while the Skagen Signature Hybrid Smart Watch is water resistant up to 100 ft.,  I personally wouldn’t wear this watch in the shower, nor would I wear it at work if you tend to bang your work on hard surfaces.

If there was a downside to the Skagen Hybrid Smart Watch, because they record activity, it uses up battery power quickly, so you will find yourself replacing the battery around three times a year.  That’s a bit of a bummer, considering the Skagen Hagen Hybrid Smart Watch lasts six months. Also, because it has to be connected to your Android or iOS device, it may deplete battery power on your device as well.

But overall, it’s a stylish watch with a few smart/fitness watch capabilities which will no doubt attract people looking for that certain type of hybrid watch.