TRAVEL GUIDE: The One About the Meaning of Fox Statues at Shrines

You have seen it at many Shrines throughout Japan.  Fox statues galore. Perhaps one of the few places where you will see a lot of them are in Kyoto at Fushimi Inari Jinja where they are everywhere.  May it be at the main path or hidden paths, there are fox statues everywhere. But what do they symbolize? In Japan, fox statues are part of Shinto religion. The fox (known as […]

The One about Monasterio de Tarlac in Barangay Lubigan in the Philippines

Located in Barangay Lubigan, San Jose City of the Philippines is the Monasterio de Tarlac at Mount Resurrection Eco Park. Often referred as the Rio de Janeiro of the Philippines, it’s thanks to the 32-foot statue of Jesus Christ on Mount Resurrection which welcomes visitors to the area. Mount Resurrection Eco Park was developed by former congressman Jose “APING” Yap and the location has become a popular tourist destination. Monasterio […]

The One about discovering Japanese Music: Moumoon

In 2004, singer/songwriter YUKA and musician/composer Kousuke Masaki were introduced by a mutual friend. Eventually, the two appreciated each other’s music and in 2005, the two would form the rock unit, moumoon. The group based their name from the French world “mou” and the English word “moon” which literally translates to “soft moon”. Two words that would describe the two individuals of the group. YUKA who was born on Dec. […]

The One about my Interview with Misaki Iwasa (Wasamin)

AKB48 has dominated the Japanese music charts for numerous years and while many may recognize the main core members of the group, there is one former AKB48 member who has shined thanks to her talent of singing enka songs. Her name is Misaki Iwasa, known by her fans as “Wasamin” and was a 7th Generation AKB48 member who passed the audition for AKB48 back in 2008.   Iwasa was also […]

Travel Guide: The One about Tips Before Going to Tsukiji Fish Market

You are planning your trip to Japan and one of the locations in Tokyo that you want to visit is the Tsukiji Fish Market. Excellent choice as this is the place to visit if you are a sushi connoisseur. But unlike many locations throughout Tokyo that you want to visit anytime during the day, the Tsukiji Fish Market is the only place that you want to get there before 5:30 […]

From U.S. Embassy of Tokyo: Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Typhoon Lan October 20, 2017

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo cautions U.S. citizens that Typhoon Lan (currently situated east of the Philippines), could strengthen between Friday and Saturday as it passes east of the Philippines and Taiwan and may impact Japan this weekend.  The official forecast from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center is that Typhoon Lan could reach super typhoon intensity by Friday — meaning its top winds will reach at least 150 mph.  Typhoon Lan could make a close brush with Okinawa over the […]

The One about Japanese Homes with Tatami

When traveling to Japan, one may have the impression that many homes have tatami flooring. Many have seen it on movies and television but the truth is tatami flooring has been on the decline as many home owners prefer a western-style of flooring. But there are a few who prefer having a home, typically a single room where tatami mats are installed (tatami is primarily made of rice straw or […]

The One about Penelope Lagos’ book, “I Miss My Best Friend”

Back in 2011, I had the opportunity to interview actress Penelope Lagos about a film that she starred in and also discuss her career as an actress and a model. In 2017, I am interviewing Penelope once again, but not as an actress or model, but this time as a writer. Penelope has written and published her first children’s book titled “I Miss My Best Friend”, featuring illustrations by Sophie […]