The One about Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto Part 5

You have reached the half point mark of your walk up the Inari mountain at Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto.

Now’s the time to go to the bathroom, rest and get something to drink or eat at the nearby shop and prepare for the walk up the mountain.

The only thing that I must let people know is that there are different ways to make it to the top, as those paths, right off the main path may get you up there.  One person I know did it but at the same time, he didn’t realize the terrain would be a little bit too much for him and hurt his knee.

It’s around this point where you will many people decide if they are going to continue or give up and head back down.

As I continued off, I notice more paths and I want to experience as much of Fushimi Inari Taisha, I decided to leave the main path and see where these other paths go and there were more prayer areas, more smaller kitsune locations but there were many of them and noticed, not many people choosing to leave the main path to visit these.  Which was fine for me, I could better photos at these various areas.

And I realize that these paths go on and on and I decided I would take as many photos as I can but I needed to head back to the main path.  But then it started sprinkling and I was left to make a decision…Complete my walk up Inari Mountain which would probably take another hour and a half or go back down, which would take an hour and would still give me enough time to explore other areas such as the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto.

And I decided to do the latter.

It was a tough decision and there is part of me that wants to return back to Kyoto to finish the mountain but then there is another part of me that tells me to go to another location and explore something new.

But I decided to make it back down the path and just like the walk up and discovering many different paths, going back down, you’ll discover even more areas which I will discuss further in part 6!