The One about discovering Japanese Music: Moumoon

In 2004, singer/songwriter YUKA and musician/composer Kousuke Masaki were introduced by a mutual friend.

Eventually, the two appreciated each other’s music and in 2005, the two would form the rock unit, moumoon.

The group based their name from the French world “mou” and the English word “moon” which literally translates to “soft moon”. Two words that would describe the two individuals of the group.

YUKA who was born on Dec. 3, 1985 in Tokyo is a big fan of Michelle Branch and Des’ree. Although, known for her vocals, YUKA is actually an accomplished violinist and played for an
orchestra. She learned English while living in America where she lived in Michigan and Illinois.

Kousuke Masaki was born on June 22nd, 1977 in the Ishikawa Prefecture and is a big fan of The Neptunes and Alanis Morissette. Kousuke is an accomplished musician who grew up learning the piano and at the age of 13, learned to play guitar and at 15, started playing the synthesizer.

In July 2006, the duo released their first indie CD single “Flowers/Pride” through Gate Records which became a hit and releasing their first Indie album “Flowers” in Sept. 2006.

Eventually the popularity would attract the Japanese label avex entertainment, who would sign the duo to their avex trax label and the mini-album “love me?” would be released in Aug. 2007.

In the Spring and Fall of 2008, YUKA took part in several mini albums which include DJ MAKAI’s first mini album “GARDEN” (March 2008) for the song “Can’t You Feel”, an
compilation album titled “cappucino due” (April 2008) for the song “Be My Baby” (originally by Vanessa Paradis) and a guest vocalist on the mini-album “DOWN TOWN” (Sept. 2008) for

moumoon would release three major CD singles through avex trax with hit songs such as “Do you remember?” in Dec. 2007, “Tiny Star” in June 2008 and “More Than Love” in Oct. 2008.

The rock duo then became the opening act for DO AS INFINITY (who made their return debut) for a special free live concert on Sept. 2008 and Nov. 2009 but also several of their own concerts titled “FULL MOON LIVE” in October and a concert tour in Dec. to promote their first full-length album.

This album self-titled album “moumoon” on was released on Nov. 12, 2008 and would feature a total of 14 tracks which include their three major label CD singles plus their hard-to-find Indie tracks such as “PINKY RING” (from their mini-album “FLOWERS”), “Cinderella” (from the mini-album “love me”), “Sunrise” (from their TSUTAYA RECORDS Indie CD

Single “Tiny Star”) and “SWEET HEART ~acoustic ver.~” (from their Mini album “love me?”).

The CD+DVD version of the album also featured video clips of “SWEET HEART”, “Do you remember?”, “Tiny Star”, “more than love” but also a documentary film of “Tiny Star- beside FULL MOON Part 2” and the “Music Clip Off Shoot Digest” featuring the behind-the-scenes making of these music videos.


In Feb. 2009, the group released their fourth CD single titled EVERGREEN which is used as an ending theme song for Japanese television network, TBS’s “Megadigi” and “Akko ni Omakase!” and also their coupling song “AI-NOOTO” which is used as the ending theme for the anime “VIPER’S CREED”.

The CD+DVD single release features the music video for “EVERGREEN” and a documentary of the band’s concert tour in Tokyo and Osaka promoting their first album.

As of 2017, the group has released six studio albums, one concept album, one acoustic album, one best album, three mini-albums and 17 CD singles along with two special singles and 14 digital singles.  Plus eight iTunes lilmied albums and three videos.

This year, the band is celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary.  With a best album titled “moumoon BEST- Full Moon” and also the release of “moumoon acoustic selection – ACOMOON-” which went on sale this month.

moumoon is definitely a band worth listening to. Sporting addictive and catchy vocals with hint of a Western rock influence and also YUKA’s ability to create English versions of those songs, they do have an international appeal.

You can find out more about moumoon through their official website and blog at: and