The One about Minami-Senju Station in Arakawa

Located in Arkawa, Tokyo is “Minami-Senju Station” (which means South Senju Station).

Opened back in 2008, the station is operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Tokyo Metro and the Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company.

The primary lines is JR East Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Metropolitan Intercity Railway Tsukuba Express.

Outside of the station, one will find a McDonald’s, Burger King, restaurants, a Lawson convenience store and an Akadama Southern Cross pachinko gaming center.

But what makes it convenient to have this station is to have access to the Kozukappara Execution Grounds.

But right across from the station is a statue of Matsuo Basho, the most famous poet from the Edo period and is the greatest master of haiku.

If you are in this area of Arakawa or plan to visit the execution grounds, you will no doubt have to go to Minami-Senju Station.