The One about the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Part 3

And here we are with the final part of Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame at Tokyo Dome.

With the viewing rooms  in the next hall, once you past it, it’s when you get to see the actual members of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and their plaques all across the wall.  And the good news is that there is an English translation below each plaque.

One of the things that caught my eye was the “Hall of Famers Induced in the New Century” which includes Sakae Suzuka (the inventor of the rubber baseball), Horace Wilson (who taught English and Math but also taught students how to play baseball in 1872), Shiki Masaoka (innovator poetry about playing baseball during the 1880’s) and Frank O’Doul (who helped improve baseball when he came to Japan back in 1911).

While I’m not going to showcase every plaque on the wall, I will showcase a few:

And once you are finished with this hall, you enter the final portion, which is the interactive area.  From a batting cage to learning about baseball in general.

Overall, if you are a baseball fan,Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame at Tokyo Dome is a place definitely worth visiting and one of those locations for baseball fans to have on their bucket list if you happen to visit Tokyo!