The One about Asukayama Park in Kita Ward

Back in early 18th century Japan, it is said that shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune had many cherry trees planted in an area in the Kita area for the citizens of Tokyo (a.k.a. “Edokko” and back then, the term referred to people who were assertive, straightforward, cheerful and people who worked as a merchant, had a business or was involved in trade).

Back in 1873, the Daijo-kan (Japan’s pre-modern Imperial government under Ritsuryo legal system during and after the Nara period).

A painting from January 1890 by Yoshu Chikanobu of Emperor Meiji, the Empress and the Crown Prince and court ladies at Asukayama Park.

Asukuyama Park is known for its main cherry trees all over the park and its a great place for families to visit, but part of the park’s popularity is that it has three museums: Kita City Asukayama Museum, the Paper Museum and the Shibusawa Memorial Museum.

And I have to say that the park has its charm but it also caught my attention for a lot of areas that lead to nowhere and literally, it feels like you entered a jungle and you are trying to figure out if the locations are safe or if they lead to some unknown area with animals hiding out.  (Insert LOL)

I remember going through this area and was fortunate I had good shoes because it was after a rainy day and a lot of slipper areas.  Oh, that’s one thing I want to emphasize, if the place is muddy and you see it near the statues going uphill, be careful.

Otherwise, the park is pretty cool and the three museums in the park are worth visiting.

So, if you are in the Kita Ward, definitely give Asukayama Park a try!