The One about Carniceria Panaderia y Taqueria in Lemoore, California

I was passing by Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California and stopped by a market/restaurant, Carniceria Panaderia y Taqueria.

I have been told that this place sells massive burritos for a great price and the burritos are delicious.

So, I had to give this place a try!

Going inside, you approach the market, but you go to the right and the area that sells burritos and tacos are located there.

The location is of the market/restaurant is in an older shopping complex that I remember as a high school student going there and the restaurant was formerly a pizza place (Popolo’s Pizza) back in the day.

Price is $6.53 for a burrito and with a large drink it’s $7.46.

Customer service was great and the place was very clean!

So, now the moment of truth…

I asked for green sauce (they give you a choice of red or green sauce) and as many have told me, these burritos are huge!

I requested a breakfast burrito with everything.  Most of the time, it’s usually eggs, burrito, sausage, bacon or egg, so I was quite pleased when I unwrapped this burrito and saw…

Eggs, bacon, onions, bell peppers and wow, this burrito was incredibly delish!

OK, this burrito was no doubt awesome!  And the price is affordable (as many in California range from $8-$12) at under $7.  So, I’m glad to have given this place a try!

Thanks again everyone for the recommendations and so many more places to visit around the country, right?