The One about Vivienne Gucwa’s “NY in the Snow” Photo Book

As a traveler who loves to visit locations in different seasons and as a photographer who loves to capture city life, one thing that I have not yet experienced is snow in New York or the East Coast.

Often wanting to experience it through the photos and videos that my friends on Facebook post during a Noreaster or some snowstorm that they have experienced or hearing tales of my wife of experience they had in the Great Plains.

But one thing that I wanted to read was Vivienne Gucwa’s “NY in the Snow”. If you are a person who are on social media or various photography sites, Vivienne Gucwa took a photo which became viral and sure enough, followed her on Facebook to see what photos she would post next.

I absolutely enjoyed this book and the various shots throughout New York in the snow.

While most photographers tend to have Canon or Nikon cameras, Vivienne used various types of Sony cameras from a NEX-6, NEX-7, SLT-A99V, SLT-A55V, ILCE-7M2 and Sony ILCE-7RM2. I’m quite pleased that Gucwa includes her settings.

And while there are few pages of actual writing, she does go into what she wears to get these shots such as Thinsulate gloves, thermal leggings and cautious about hypothermia and not sweating to much.

But I absolutely love Vivienne’s photos featured in this book (and also loved the choice of color for the actual and photo choice for the cover and its hardback format).

Overall, a wonderful, visually captivating photo book of New York in the snow!