The One about the Six-Month Eating Experiment and Latest Blood Test

These last six months have been an interesting experiment. I wanted to move away from my meal plans and see what happens if I slowly started to incorporate things that I stopped eating, incorporate more carbs and to see how my body would react in the latest round of blood tests. I still workout, I have maintained the weight (although I am back on size 33-34 waist, definitely not fitting into a size 30-32) but while many people are satisfied with only how much they weigh or inches trimmed, for me that’s great but I also need to get blood tests every six months to see how my body is reacting. Knowing various levels are in order to know what I’m doing is safe, vitamin levels are fine, glucose levels are fine and my cholesterol is fine. For the experiment, I was more focused on calorie counting and see how things worked out. So, this latest round of blood tests was to see how things will work out. But most of all, I want to see how things are going with my liver making sure that incorporating the carbs and red meat, doesn’t do any damage.
I have been wanting to see if eating (as most people would call it “normally”) would affect me and the results…The good news…my cholesterol dropped considerably. BUT the BAD NEWS…my HDL (good cholesterol) went down, my Triglycerides shot up and the Phosphorous in my liver went up. That’s not good!
For me, this is unacceptable and the doctor immediately told me, you need to go back to what you were doing before.
So, what changed?
– I was incorporating more dairy. I’ll need to cut things down.
– Red meat. I was slowly trying to incorporate more red meat into my diet as before I was focused primarily on chicken and fish.
– I was incorporating much more nuts into my diet such as almonds and walnuts.
– I was also incorporating wheat and enriched flour, not much but slowly incorporating it.
So, I’ll need to go back to what I was doing previously and knowing that for my body, I just can’t go back to eating the things I used to eat pre-2015.
I guess by calorie counting, for the last six months, I thought maybe my blood tests would show a positive. Because my weight, my waist size hasn’t changed all that much. But you never know what’s going on in your body until you get a blood test done to see how things truly are.

So, this latest round is another wakeup call. It’s back to the meal plans and doing what I have done before.