For those who love Japanese culture and are learning the language, will definitely want to check out Tokyo FM World’s “Dempa ch. ~Tokyo Dempa International~” weekly show.

The show is hosted by former Seattle resident Matthew Masaru Barron along with Dempagumi Inc. members Mirin and Ayane (a.k.a. “Pinky”).

For those not familiar with Dempagumi Inc., they are a Japanese female idol group from Akihabara and each have their own cool interests.  Mirin (who is represented by the color “red” is a gamer), Risa (the leader who’s color is white loves to make sweets), Nemu (who is represented by the color mint green is a model and DJ but also a voice provider for Vocaloid), Eimi (who is represented by the color yellow is into anime and manga) and Ayane “Pinky” (who is represented by the color blue, is into cosplay).

The group had six members until August 2017, which Moga Mogami (who represented the color purple and known for her blonde hair) left the group.

As of this blog post, there are a total of 109 episodes of “Dempa ch. ~Tokyo Dempa Internationa~” and people can listen to the episodes on TuneIn, and for those in the U.S., a new episode is featured every Sunday night (or Monday morning).

Source: Matthew Masaru Barron’s Twitter ->

The episodes revolve around Matthew helping Mirin and Pinky learn English but discussing various topics of Japanese pop culture and for the most part, I have found these episodes to be entertaining.

The host Matthew has a great way of transitioning from Japanese to English but also bringing humor to the show.  While Mirini is a bit laid back and Pinky is the lively, all three manage to compliment each other and are able to come up with entertaining episodes that have dealt with thew new Dododonpa rollercoaster at Fuji Q Highland, suntan on the beach, top 10 polls and so much more.

I absolutely find this show entertaining that I recommend it for anyone wanting a lively, upbeat show about Japanese culture!

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