The One about SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory in Ikebukuro (for Photography or Video)

In Tokyo, there are numerous observatories that really give people or photographers and videographers a great look of the city skyline.

While the World Trade Center tops my list for best observatory for photographers and videographers, primarily because it gives you a look of all surrounding areas, their is seating and most importantly, the lights are dimmed.  One location I wanted to try is SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory in Ikebukuro.

As far as indoor amusement centers go, the Sunshine60 Observatory is wonderful in terms of what it offers families.  From the Sky Circus Tent, Tenku 251, KaleidoScape, Sky Bridge, Sky Party, Cafe Quu Quu Quu and the Sky Circus Shop.

So, in terms of immediate surroundings, the SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory is possibly the most active areas you can visit and will appeal to children, while those who want art museums and galleries, will no doubt like the Tokyo City View observatory in Roppongi Hills at the Mori Art Center.

But what is interesting about the SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory, you are greeted by an attendant who takes you to a room in which you see a video projection with rain, thunder and then being elevated to the top to sunshine and then you enter SKY CIRCUS and you are surrounded by lights, glowing orbs and then you see windows leading to the outside of the skyline.

While definitely lively indoors, it’s not ideal for photographers and videographers who don’t want light reflections.

Fortunately, there is one window without glowing light orbs behind you, so you can get a good shot with Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.

But for the most part, the experience for people at SKY CIRCUS is plentiful for activities.

But for an observatory, there are no doubt great views, it’s just that there are a lot of glowing orbs and lights behind that kind of get in the way of things.  But as mentioned, there is one area for good photo opportunities as there are steps that allow for one to sit in the corner and get good photos.  There is also another area when you are leaving SKY CIRCUS that gives a good look of Ikebukuro East Exit.

SKY CIRCUS opens at 10:00 a.m. through 10:00 p.m. and the main ticket costs Y1200 but there are additional costs if you want access to certain areas.  For the observatory, it cost a total of Y1800.  So, if you are there just for photography or video opportunities, it may be a bit much.

But for those who are looking for an observatory with a different perspective other than Tokyo Tower, SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory no doubt gives a different perspective, especially one with Tokyo Sky Tree in the background.

And if you are coming with your family or friends, then definitely enjoy the various themed areas at SKY CIRCUS!