The One about Pompompurin Cafe in Harajuku

Naturally, as one would expect from Japan, there is a lot of love for Sanrio.

From Hello Kitty to Gudetama,  a plethora of characters that have plenty of merchandise that many fans clamor for and deeply love.

A character that may not be as known outside of Japan has a cafe.

Known as Pompompurin, a golden retriever dog which Sanrio introduced in 1996, this cute dog lives in a basket in the entrance hall of his sister-owner’s house.  He was born in April 16th and Pompompurin sports a brown beret and loves collecting shoes and hide them.

He also loves milk and cream caramel pudding.  And his good friends is a hamster named Muffin, a mouse named Scone and a bird name Custard.

So, what best to showcase Pompompurin’s love for milk and caramel pudding in his own cafe, which have sprouted in Japan (Tokyo’s Harajuku district, Osaka’s Umeda district, Nagoya’s Sakae district and Yokohama).  The cafe I visited was in Harajuku.

For more information, you can visit their website at Pompompurin Cafe.

The cafe is no doubt “Kawaii” and while it will attract many foreign travelers and what that usually means is that it’s a niche cafe and in Japan, niche cafe’s tend to be slightly more expensive and their servings are not that large.  Nevertheless, niche cafe’s are perfect for the experience may it be one-time or several times.

It’s important to note that each cafe have certain dishes not sold at other Pompompurin Cafes.  For example, the pudding mushroom dish and the cheesecake that looks like a cutlet is only at the Nagoya cafe, the Chinese dumpling set is only at the Yokohama Cafe.  The burger plate is only at the Umeda Cafe, but the Yokohama store has a sweet burger dish.  The skewer sweet is only offered at the Umeda cafe.

And their primary dish that will set you back around Y1,500 is their fluffy souffle omurice.  So, delicious but gone so quick.  But the great thing, you get a free Pompompurin Cup with your order.

But main dishes you can find at all cafes are the omurice, the beef stroganoff (Y990), roast beef bowl (Y1290), vegetable stew (Y990), pasta, salad and bread with Mozzarella Genovese (Y1,110) and pumpkin with edamame and bacon cream pasta (Y1,110) and more.  (Note: This is the base price not including tax)

And when you are all done with your main dish, you can get dessert such as the Cinnamon hot bean dish with grilled apple (Y1,190), the strawberry milk fluffy cotton candy pancake which comes with a pudding cup (Y1,490), the fruit tart (Y1,110), the popular pudding dish (Y500), the Macaron milk pudding dish (Y500) and the chocolate parfait (Y990).

But let’s say your first dish has you full or you came in and just wanted to get a drink.  Will let’s just say that Pompompurin Cafe also offers many types of beverages…

From a yogurt shake drink (Y990), you can get a caramel milk latte, match latte or strawberry milk latte for Y800.

You can get soda such as a strawberry, kiwi or mango soda for Y750.

And you can get a chocolate shake for Y990 or a marshmallow late for Y790.

And once you are all done eating, you can also purchase various pompompurin merchandise (which also vary from the different cafe’s).

Overall, if you love Sanrio especially for Pompompurin, then definitely check out a Pompompurin Cafe in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya or Yokohama.