The One about Finding Tokyo 2020 Official Merchandise in Tokyo

I have been often asked by people of where to find Official Tokyo 2020 Olympics merchandise?

While there are a plethora of sports stores in Japan, a lot of them are niche catering to a certain sport.

But there is a spot in Japan where one can find Tokyo 2020 merch years before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and that would be one of my favorite sports stores, which I have blogged about before and that is, Selection.

Selection can be found in Shinjuku and it’s no doubt a fantastic place to visit for sports hats (it has a large selection of American sports gear but also for people to look for Japanese sporting gear, especially Japanese baseball).

Currently, there is not a lot of Tokyo 2020 merchandise available at this current time, but you can find a towel, chopsticks, hats, lanyards and smaller merchandise.  But as we approach closer to 2020, expect to find more Tokyo 2020 merchandise at Selection or a major Japanese sports store.