The One about Market Restaurant Agio by Mikasa Kaikan

Mikasa Kaikan is a company that owns many restaurants throughout Japan.

Specializing in French, Italian and Chinese cuisine, their restaurants are hard to miss.

As some who may want to experience southern European food, Mikasa Kaikan has Market Restaurant Agio, which specializes in Milano style pizza baked in a firewood kiln, grilled condensed umami on bincho charcoal.

Currently they are selling a pizza with white sauce with salmon and mushrooms, a simple pizza with basil and tomato sauce or half and half with soup or salad with coffee or tea for Y1,566.

But it’s not all pizza, they serve seasonal meals for example, for the AGIO Autumn Harvest Festival, which starts in September and lasts through October 31st, they are serving Salmon carpaccio with oranges and dill (Y1,680), grilled mushrooms with garlic butter (Y1,250), Calzone with mushrooms and salmon (Y1,850), veal and porcini lasagna (Y1,780) and beef loinage cutlet with apple and rucola salad (Y2,800).

They offer various meals for lunch such as a Milan style cutlet of chicken with ruccola and tomato salad with bread or rice and coffee or tea for Y2,160.  A steak dinner with char-grilled Japanese domestic been loin with Japanese sauce, salad or soup of the day, bread or rice, coffee or tea for Y3,240.

And for steak fans, they sell thicker domestic beef of loin steak with 150g for Y2808.

And so much more offered at the restaurant.

The restaurant also serves various wines.

AGIO also offers a banquet and catering service.  And people can enjoy French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese cuisine and more variety.

If you are looking for an AGIO restaurant, you can find one at natura Oboe, Shinjuku, Ichikawa, Kashiwa, Urawa, Sunshine Alpa, Lumine Yokohama and Fuchu.

So, if you are in the mood for a Italian-inspired meal, definitely give Market Restaurant Agio from Mikasa Kaikan!