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For those who love Japanese culture and are learning the language, will definitely want to check out Tokyo FM World’s “Dempa ch. ~Tokyo Dempa International~” weekly show. The show is hosted by former Seattle resident Matthew Masaru Barron along with Dempagumi Inc. members Mirin and Ayane (a.k.a. “Pinky”). For those not familiar with Dempagumi Inc., they are a Japanese female idol group from Akihabara and each have their own cool interests.  Mirin (who is represented […]

The One about Amuro Namie

In Japan, there are very  few female pop stars that has not only had a long lasting music career, continually pump out chart topping hits and have a significant role in Japanese pop culture than Amuro (last name) Namie (first name). Born in Osaka and attending the Okinawa Actor’s School after being scouted, while she liked the school, her family could not afford the monthly fees.   But seeing the talent in Namie, they gave her […]

The One about SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory in Ikebukuro (for Photography or Video)

In Tokyo, there are numerous observatories that really give people or photographers and videographers a great look of the city skyline. While the World Trade Center tops my list for best observatory for photographers and videographers, primarily because it gives you a look of all surrounding areas, their is seating and most importantly, the lights are dimmed.  One location I wanted to try is SKY CIRCUS Sunshine60 Observatory in Ikebukuro. As far as indoor amusement […]

The One about the Shops leading to Nishiarai Daichi in Adachi

Quite often in Japan, you will find a neighborhood of shops leading to a major shrine or temple. But if there was one area that caught my attention, it would have to be the shops that you see before or after visiting Nishiarai Daichi, the largest Shingon Buddhist temple in Northeast Tokyo. From its cleanliness and also seeing the shops, many places will have small or very old (and run-down) shops but at Nishirai Daichi’s […]

The One about San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Chocolate Almond OneCup

I’ve blogged about San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee several times before. With their Dark Chocolate Bar and their famous Fog Chaser, this time I am trying their Chocolate Almond.  And I always mention first, for those who never have read my coffee reviews, I don’t drink things straight, I need my sugar free creamer and I’m good to go. San Francisco Bay Gourmet has done a wonderful job with their coffee, creating OneCup as opposed […]