The One about Ultraman World M78

In Japan, tokusatsu shows (any Japanese live-action film or TV drama which features special effects) and merchandise are popular.

And for Ultraman fans, the Ultraman World M78 stores attract fans from all over the world.

I went to the Ultraman World M78 store at Tokyo Solamachi (the shopping complex right next to Tokyo Sky Tree) and the shop is an official Tsuburaya Productions shop featuring merch from various Ultraman series.

And these stores were quite busy each time I visited the area.

For those not familiar with Tsuburaya Productions, the company is a Japanese special effects studio founded in 1963 by special effects guru Eiji Tsubuaya and the company has been run by his family through 2007 (the company was sold to TYO Inc.).

Tsuburaya Productions is known for producing the original “Ultraman” TV series and the Ultra Series.

The Ultra series began in January 1966 and was produced in black and white and was known as “Ultra Q” and the series was followed by “Ultraman”.

The stores sell classic toys but also merch from many of the Ultraman shows that aired in Japan.  And the store promotes itself to attract people of all ages and gender.

If you have friends or a family member that’s really into Ultraman, then definitely get them a gift/souvenir from Ultraman World  M78!