The One about Ikinari Steak Part 2

I don’t really eat red meat, let alone steak all that much. When I travel, often I’ll partake in steak. And I wanted to try the Kobe Steak at Hakushu in Shibuya and the Japanese Rib-Eye Steak at Ikinari Steak (which there are many restaurants in Japan, three in New York City and six more being planned).

I briefly wrote about Ikinari Steak last October.

Last year, I wrote about how the restaurant’s slogan was how they serve a “a really big, big steak”.

It’s true in the sense that if you order America US Angus Beef, Gran Fed Beef, Tenderloin or US Cab Chuck Eye Roll Steak, you get a big portion.

But the Japanese Rib-eye Steak is a bit pricey and compared to the US steaks offered, it’s quite small. But it’s one of the reasons why I had to go for a second time and that is to try their Japanese Rib-Eye and it was delicious. (But the Kobe steak…is still my favorite).

But the cool thing at Ikinari is that before you order, the chef will actually show you the size of the steak in grams and then will ask you how you want it prepared. It’s important to note that Hakushu is a family run business for three generations, while Ikinari Steak is a franchise eat as you go type of restaurant and you see one everywhere…

Most recently, Ikinari Steak has been advertising the following poster in NYC (thanks Tomo for the image).  So, there are more opportunities to try Ikinari Streak if you live in New York.  Hopefully we will see Ikinari Steak reach the West Coast sometime soon.