The One about Discovering Japanese Music: Every Little Thing’s “Every Best Single -Complete-“

I can easily remember when I first heard of Every Little Thing (ELT), then a trio which featured vocalist Kaori Mochida, guitarist Ichiro Ito and keyboardist Mitsuru Igarashi.  The song was “Feel My Heart” and discovered the group while watching CDTV (a top 40 video clip show in Japan) and immediately, I ordered the album.

Since 1996, the group has released a total of 49 CD singles and here we are in 2010 with their best album release to commemorate the group’s 15th year anniversary.   “Every Best Single -Complete-” is literally the ultimate release if you are a fan of Every Little Thing.

With a release like this, there really is not much you can complain about.

For a CD+DVD set like this  (four CD’s and two DVD’s), you would expect it to be near a $100 but it’s around $65 and you get all 49 CD singles plus a new version of “Time Goes by” and then you get 39 music videos on DVD plus a short documentary.  The documentary portion features the group in the studio and preparing to go live in concert and then watching the group joking around afterward.

Now is every single and every music video featured on this set?  The answer is yes and no.  Remix videos such as “Here and everywhere (Super Bootbeat Mix)” or accompanying dramas for music videos such as “Fragile” and “Graceful World” (note: The drama is found on the DVD edition of “fragile * Graceful World” but those were special releases.  So, for the most part, you are getting all the CD singles and music videos that were released in this really nice set.

The packaging is well-done and again, for 50 songs and 39 music videos for a pretty solid price.

Overall, if you are a fan of Every Little Thing and have holes in your music collection, “Every Best Single -Complete-” is a must-buy!