The One about Tokyo Sea Life Park in Edogawa Part 2

Tokyo Sea Life Park in Edogawa was a location that I wanted to check out on my bucket list.

While Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea are across the ocean in Chiba Ward and can be seen across the park, before going to Tokyo Sea Life Park, I checked out Kasai Rinkai Park and tried to see if there are restaurants (there are very few, but for the kids, fortunately there is a McDonalds), so I recommend eating or bringing food with you before heading to the aquarium (which has its own restaurant called “Tokyo Sea Wind” inside as well).

One big recommendation, if you are going to the aquarium or Kansai Rinkai Park and want to explore everything, I would go to Tokyo Sea Life  Park first.  As its not a far walking distance from the station.  But if you did what I was doing by visiting the entire park and having to walk around the entire park, then getting to Tokyo Sea Life Park will take awhile.  I never knew how vast Kasai Rinkai Park and how far the entrance to Tokyo Sea Park was from the other areas near Kasai Rinkai Park.

Having went to Shinagawa Aquarium days previous, there are differences.  While Shinagawa has the entertainment factor by providing the dolphin and seal shows, Tokyo Sea Life Park is more dedicated to showing the science of what they accomplish and also showcasing their vast collection of aquatic sea life which they have acquired from all over the world.

In fact, the science portion of the aquarium is quite fascinating.

While there are many things to look at, it’s important to note that all text and explanations are in Japanese only, there are no English descriptions.

As for my thoughts of the aquarium, it definitely offers a lot in terms of showcasing various forms of aquatic life and also the science.  It also has a better penguin offering than Monterey Aquarium but for those who want entertainment like dolphin or seal shows, then Shinagawa Aquarium may be for you.  But if you want to discover many types of aquatic sea life, then Tokyo Sea Life Park is awesome and worth checking out.