The One about Yurakucho Station

One of the busiest stations in Tokyo is Yurakucho Station, a railway station located in the Chiyoda Ward.

The name was derived from the Meiji Era after Oda Nagato (Yurakusa), younger brother of Nobunaga Oda.

Operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and Tokyo Metro, the station opened back in June 1910 and the subway portion opened back in 1974.  In 2001, the station became IC equipped for Suica card use while the IC card PASMO was introduced in 2007.  And to prevent suicide attempts and people falling onto areas of oncoming trains, a chest-high platform edge door installation was added in 2014.

But possibly the darkest time of the station’s history was that back in January 1945, the central ticket gate was destroyed during an Air Raid during World War II, which killed a total of 96 people.

JR East posted figures back in 2016 that the average boarding passenger is 169,550 while 172,303 for Tokyo Metro.  This makes the station the 14th most used station in Tokyo right after Ueno Station for JR East and the 15th most used Tokyo Metro after Omotesando Station.

And it helps that the key shopping area to Ginza is right near Yurakucho Station.

If you are heading to Yurakucho or Ginza, more than likely you will be using Yurakucho Station.