The One about Shamrock by Abbot’s Choice in Roppongi

Located in the Minato Ward in Roppongi is one of the noteworthy pubs in the area. Shamrock by Abbot’s Choice is known for carrying numerous draught beers, hundreds of varieties of whisky and bottled beer. Best place to find during your stroll to or from Roppongi Hills.  If you happen to visit the place during happy hour (3 p.m. – 7 p.m.)., you’re really in for a treat.  Food and […]

The One about Buying a Pachinko Machine

Pachinko machines have been part of Japanese entertainment since it was first built in the 1920’s. With the first parlor built in Nagoya back in 1948, by the 1980’s, mechanical pachinko machines became popular as the technology improved by showcasing flashing lights, levers and more. Today’s modern pachinko machines have improved dramatically within the last decade as video machines show longer videos, feature more gameplay and also giving people a […]

The One about Ultraman World M78

In Japan, tokusatsu shows (any Japanese live-action film or TV drama which features special effects) and merchandise are popular. And for Ultraman fans, the Ultraman World M78 stores attract fans from all over the world. I went to the Ultraman World M78 store at Tokyo Solamachi (the shopping complex right next to Tokyo Sky Tree) and the shop is an official Tsuburaya Productions shop featuring merch from various Ultraman series. […]

The One about Nippori Station

A station that many people use to transfer from one station to another is Nippori Station in Arakawa Ward. The station opened back on April 1, 1905 and the Keisei Station portion was opened in December 1931. Nippori Station is right next to Yanaka, an area which I have blogged about with many temples, shrines and a huge cemetery.  It is also a major hub for those coming from or […]

The One about the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum at Ueno Park

In 1926, the first public music in Japan opened.  Known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and it is the go to museum for masterpieces from abroad and contemporary art are introduced. It’s current location is not the original museum, as the Tokyo Prefectural Museum at Ueno Park was too cramped.  So, an architect named Kunio Maekawa designed a new museum in Ueno Park.  And restoration to the building began […]

The One about Zozoji Temple in Minato, Part 2

I wrote about my experience at Zozoji Temple in the Shiba neighborhood of Minato Ward back in 2015. The San’en-zan Zozo-ji Buddhist Temple is a great temple of the Chinzei branch of Jodo-shu Buddhism and founded by Yuyu Shoso. While I’m not going to dwell on the history, I will say that there are a few things that brought me back to Zozoji Temple.  And it’s this photo I took […]

The One about the Saigo Takamori and his dog bronze statue in Ueno Park

If one went to Ueno Station, one statue that you will find is of Saigo Takamori (Takanaga) and his dog. Born as Saigo Kokichi (January 23, 1828-September 24, 1877), not only is Takamori one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history but he is also known as “The Last True Samurai”. During the Meiji Restoration, when Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu resigned and returned power to the Emperor, Saigo was very […]

The One about Ikinari Steak Part 2

I don’t really eat red meat, let alone steak all that much. When I travel, often I’ll partake in steak. And I wanted to try the Kobe Steak at Hakushu in Shibuya and the Japanese Rib-Eye Steak at Ikinari Steak (which there are many restaurants in Japan, three in New York City and six more being planned). I briefly wrote about Ikinari Steak last October. Last year, I wrote about […]