The One about Discovering Japanese Music: SMAP’s “Yozora no Mukou”

For decades, the boy band SMAP had entertained audiences. Gracing magazine covers, TV commercials, having multiple television shows featuring a member or all members, they were Japan’s most popular group until friction developed and the group calling it quits on December 31, 2016. But still, I listen to their music often and SMAP had an awesome single back in 1998. Their 27th single “Yozora no Mukou” (Beyond the Sky) has […]

The One about Richard Sandomir’s “The Pride of the Yankees: Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper, and the Making of a Classic”

I’m a huge Yankees fan, literally have a shrine in one room with autographs from famous Yankees from past to present. And I also have a few items honoring the legendary Lou Gehrig. And I am a huge fan of the film “The Pride of the Yankees”. And how wonderful it is to have a book titled “The Pride of the Yankees: Lou Gehrig, Gary Cooper, and the Making of […]

The One about the NTV Shop at Shiodome

In Tokyo’s Minato Ward, Shiodome is one of Japan’s most modern and savvy areas. The area is the headquarters for many of Japan’s major corporations such as All Nippon Airways, Fujitsu, Sega Sammy Holdings, Softbank, to name a few.  But the location is also a hub for concert performances and TV appearances thanks to the location being the headquarters of NTV (Nippon Television). And right next to the NTV headquarters […]

The One about Myokendo in Ota Ward

Located right near Ikegamihonmonji Temple and Ikekagami Kaikan is a small temple called Myokendo.  A Buddhist Temple dedicated to one of the Ikegami Seven Lucky Gods, this is the sixth shrine dedicated to what locals call “old man” or Shoei-in and a small statue of Shoein can be seen in the front of the main hall of the temple. Similar to Ikegami Kaikan, the location of the temple is uphill, […]

The One about B-Side Label

In Japan, stickers are very popular and there are those who collect the stickers because they are designed by various artists and are limited edition only sold at stores such as B-Side Label. And on July 28th, B-Side Label, the popular sticker store in Harajuku is celebrating their 5th anniversary. But the store offers original stickers to popular characters and logos, joke stickers, pin badges, coasters, specialized masking tape, beer […]

The One about Nicolas House in Harajuku

Japan is a competitive place for restaurateurs and sometimes by the time I want to blog about something, to realize that the place had closed or were in the process of closing. Such as the case of Nicolas House, a crepe location and restaurant that was owned by French chef Nicholas Charles in Harajuku and right near Omotesando. Unfortunately, the place closed in December 2016 but were known for creating […]

The One about Discovering Japanese Music: Mr. Children’s “Atomic Heart”

I remember when I was sent a tape by a friend featuring the CD single for “Cross Road” and I was instantly hooked. I just remember watching their brief music video clips on various Japanese music shows and just felt that the music was well-sung, felt unique compared to other music at that time and the vocals were just awesome. Especially the lyrics to the songs. Just awesome! I received […]

The One about Making Sundried Tomatoes

One thing that I utilize a lot each month and it gets kind of pricey are purchases of sundried tomatoes. One of the coolest things I invested earlier this year is a really good dehydrator and while roma tomatoes are ideal for dehydrating due to having less water, other tomoato varieties are pretty much 98% water. But yesterday, I dehydrated a lot of cherry tomatoes from the evening to this […]