The One about Animate in Ikebukuro

One of the questions I’m often asked about Japan, especially from anime fans, which areas should they visit.

While there are shops everywhere, Akihabara is a location where one should visit especially for the guys.

For the female anime/manga fan, Ikebukuro is a location that is recommended thanks to Otome Road and a lot of the products offered at the stores are geared towards the ladies, while Akihabara, often you will see female idols, maids trying to get you into their cafe, it’s a different vibe in Ikebukuro.

But one place, whether you are in Akihabara, Ikebukuro or some other city in Japan that has an Animate building, it should be a destination that anime and manga fans should visit.

Animate is located on the East Ikeburo area.  Near Animate is Sunshine City and around this area is where you will find cosplayers.  If there is one thing you can see a lot of inside Animate are many capsule machines.

One can find the main cash register and souvenirs at the first floor.  Displays often change, so for those wanting to bring gifts back home, this is a place that one will want to visit first.

The second floor is for the youth, boys section.  One can find art works, TRPG books, light novels and more.

The third floor is where one can find manga for boys/youth and also animated goods.

The fourth floor is where the manga for girls can be found.  Also, novels, dojinshi, photo collections can be found.

The fifth floor is dedicated to figures, plastic models, dolls, card games and more.

The sixth floor is where one can find character goods, t-shirts, stuffed toys and a lot of merchandise that one can find for friends.  So, this is an area one would want to visit.

The seventh floor is where all the video games, CD, Blu-ray and DVD’s are located.  Especially merchandise for voice talent.

The eight floor is where panel exhibitions that people can come by and take photos.

And the ninth floor is where the Animate Hall for live events, autograph sessions, screenings, exhibitions are held.

Here are photos of what you can expect to see at Animate in Ikebukuro:

So, if your friends are anime or manga fans and are looking for souvenirs, definitely visit Animate in Ikebukuro.