The One about Japan Dining M (Hokkaido Yoshoku Bar) at Shiodome

If you are looking for a family restaurant that sells Japanese comfort food for great prices, is not always easy to find.

But at Shiodome, Japan Dining M (or better known now as Hokkaido Yoshoku Bar) not only offers great prices for their dishes but unlike other restaurants in Japan, it’s all you can drink and self-serve for beverages.

I decided to order the omurice with beef and suffice to say, it was delicious.  While I can’t say it’s authentic Hokkaido-style ryori (food), I look at this restaurant more as a family dining type restaurant offering meals and drinks at a great price.

Yes, a small salad comes as a side and I was just stoked that I could get a melon juice ala all-you-can-drink.

Yes, the place is definitely foreigner-friendly and customer service was great.  The whole restaurant was also very clean.

If you happen to be at Shiodome, want to feed a family for a great price, I definitely recommend Japan Dining M/Hokkaido Yoshoku Bar.