The One about Discovering Japanese Music: SMAP’s “Yozora no Mukou”

For decades, the boy band SMAP had entertained audiences.

Gracing magazine covers, TV commercials, having multiple television shows featuring a member or all members, they were Japan’s most popular group until friction developed and the group calling it quits on December 31, 2016.

But still, I listen to their music often and SMAP had an awesome single back in 1998. Their 27th single “Yozora no Mukou” (Beyond the Sky) has been selected the #1 song of 1998 in sales and by various music charts.  I have to admit that this song is fantastic!  It’s a wonderful ballad and definitely a song that showcases the vocals of Takuya Kimura.

The slow jam is very heartfelt as we can see from the chorus:

are kara bokutachi wa
nanika wo shinjite kore takana
yozora no mukou ni wa
ashita ga mou matteiru
Since that day,
what were we able to believe in?
Beyond the night sky,
tomorrow awaits

Just an awesome song and also a cool music video!  The coupling track “Ringo Juice” (Apple Juice) is a funky track that is the kind of music they have been releasing as of late.  It’s an OK track.

The the last two tracks feature an instrumental version of both vocal tracks.

Unfortunately, the music video is not on YouTube due to strict control over image/video rights, but you will find many covers of the song.

Overall, “Yozora no Mukou” is a fantastic single from SMAP and if you have a chance, I recommend checking out the single!