The One about Myokendo in Ota Ward

Located right near Ikegamihonmonji Temple and Ikekagami Kaikan is a small temple called Myokendo.  A Buddhist Temple dedicated to one of the Ikegami Seven Lucky Gods, this is the sixth shrine dedicated to what locals call “old man” or Shoei-in and a small statue of Shoein can be seen in the front of the main hall of the temple.

Similar to Ikegami Kaikan, the location of the temple is uphill, so it’s not a tough walk up, but you do have to go up stairsteps (Myomisaka) to get to the area.  Located at the southside of Ikegami Honji, you will find Myokendo.

But remember, that this is a smaller temple, so try not to have any major expectations while visiting the location.

And if you happen to be in the area and have the time, try visiting the other locations which represents the Ikegami Seven Gods in Ota ward.