The One about B-Side Label

In Japan, stickers are very popular and there are those who collect the stickers because they are designed by various artists and are limited edition only sold at stores such as B-Side Label.

And on July 28th, B-Side Label, the popular sticker store in Harajuku is celebrating their 5th anniversary.

Pin Badge: Source: B-Side Label Official Site

Pouch: Source: Official B-Side Label website

But the store offers original stickers to popular characters and logos, joke stickers, pin badges, coasters, specialized masking tape, beer bottle lids, guitar picks, key rings and pouches.

If anything, these are limited edition stickers that would make great gifts for friends or even work acquaintances that want a gift and you don’t want to break the bank.

For the most part, they may great gifts for people who like original guitar picks, stickers for laptops or whatever and things that are so niche but attract those who dig the artwork.