The One about Taco Bell Japan

In 2015, Taco Bell opened its first restaurant in Shibuya.

The opening of the restaurant brought hundreds of people and many lined up to get a taste of the popular American brand, which originally had opened in Japan back in the ’80s.

At the time, when PepsiCo owned the Japan locations, sales were low but with Japan, especially Tokyo, having opened itself to many western and European brands, Taco Bell’s new owners, Yum! Brands have since opened a few restaurants.

But there are differences from Taco Bell Japan and its American counterpart.

Aside from more variety and better pries in America, Japan is different in the fact that you can choose chicken, pork or beef.  Also, Taco Bell Japan sells beer.

You pick from a few varieties such as the Fajita Burrito, Fajita Quesadilla, Crunchwrap, 1 Taco + 1 Taco Supreme, Shrimp  Avocado Burrito or a Taco Rice Bowl.

Then you choose beef, pork or grilled chicken for your meat.

You then choose your sauce: Mild, Medium or Hot

And then you select a side such as Mexican Fries, Nacho Chips or a drink.

The average price is Y630 just for the burrito, quesadilla, etc.  But if you want the combo with the drink or side, then the price ranges from Y760 to Y850.

Taco Bell Japan also offered BBQ versions of their burritos/quesadilla and currently they are selling their double cheese tacos.

Also, Taco Bell Japan offers ice cream with their vanilla ice cream and also cinnamon tostadas.

But for the most part, Taco Bell Japan has remained popular in Japan since 2015 and it has also helped usher in authentic Mexican restaurants throughout Tokyo.

If you want to eat safely and are craving Taco Bell, definitely check out one of the few Taco Bell locations throughout Tokyo.