The One about Asakusa Jinja

I wrote about Asakusa Senso-ji and Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist Temple, Asakusa Jinja back in 2015 and explored the history, but because I came with friends in the last trip, I didn’t fully explore the location until the following year.

Granted, when we last went, it was early in the morning, crowded but still easy to navigate.  I went to the location in the afternoon and having experienced other shrines and temples without any crowds, I knew it would be a tourist trap when I went to revisit the area.

So, seeing how Senso-ji was way too crowded, I figured I would visit Asakusa Jinja (Asakusa Shrine) and to my surprise, there were a lot of things I didn’t notice during my 2015 visit.

I definitely was surprised of how much more things were around the vicinity.  I was so fixated on the buildings and the two guardian statues that I didn’t realize there was anything else.

But overall, after visiting Senso-ji Temple, then you will definitely want to check out Asakusa Jinja.