The One about SHIPS in Harajuku

Located in Cat Street in Harajuku is the store, SHIPS.

With a history that goes as far back as 1970, SHIPS began as “MIURA” which sold imported casual clothing.

In 1975, MIURA & SONS opened their Shibuya store which was followed by the SHIPS Ginza store in 1977.

The company is best known for opening the first store for women in Ginza called “SHIPS LADIES” and in the ’80s, more SHIPS stores would open throughout Japan.

While company president Yoshinori Miura is still very much involved with the company, the thriving clothing brand with men’s SHIPS (featuring stylish standard clothing) and SHIPS JET BLUE (men’s casual clothing), women’s SHIPS WOMEN, Khaju (sexy to glamorous female clothing), liflattie ships (flat shoes lifestyle), Prefer SHIPS (wearable trend style), kids store SHIPS KIDS and Lifestyle store SHIPS Days thriving,

And from Tokyo to Osaka, Sapporo, Narita, Nagoya and Fukuoka, one can peruse the clothes via SHIPS ONLINE SHOP.

If you are looking for guy looking for casual and cool clothing or women looking for sexy, glamorous or casual clothing, or just looking for Tokyo souvenirs that are cool, you’ll definitely want to check out SHIPS!