The One about the Flower Exhibition near the Otorii at Meiji Shrine

For those who are visiting the Meiji Shrine, sometimes you may find flower arrangements to village dioramas that were beautifully decorated.

While I don’t know too much on the history of the actual dioramas, I do know that the chrysanthemum exhibition is often held in October/November at the shrine.  So, without further ado, I would love to share photos of these flowers and village dioramas but because of the number of photos, I will split them up into two posts.  The first will feature the flower exhibit and tomorrow’s posting will feature the village diorama.

This is something interesting that I had no idea until I went to a very nice sushi restaurant, they prepared chrysanthemum for eating.

I had no idea that chrysanthemum (a.k.a. “kiku”) petals were edible.

In Asia, they sell the greens from the chrysanthemum at markets. But at a traditional Japanese izakaya, they serve bright yellow chrysanthemum as a side-dish and has a unique but yet delicious taste.

But if you happen to be in Japan during the fall, definitely visit the flower exhibition at Meiji Shrine in Shibuya.