The One about Crayonhouse in Tokyo and Osaka

Located in Omotesando (Tokyo) and in Osaka is a specialty shop known as Crayonhouse.

Created with children and also the disabled in mind, Keiko Ochiai wanted to create a company that was not male or adult-centered.

She wanted a place where children can enjoy and love and peace is the theme.

As for the products, Crayonhouse purchase items outright.  Because instead of dealing with companies and then return unsold items, they only sell items they tried and books that have been read.  In fact, the location holds “New Book Meetings” and discuss what should be sold at the specialty shop.

And the specialty store also offers a home delivery service titled “Veggies Member”.

Crayonhouse is divided into a first floor with children’s books (Japanese only), a second floor toy store for children to play and parents to purchase merchandise, a third floor for women’s organic cosmetics and books and a basement first floor that hosts the HIROBA organic restaurant.

The location that I went to is the Omotesando location which has an organic restaurant known as Hiroba and follows the European standard which restaurants use to be called “organic” and that is to use 95% organic ingredients.

You can order curry with genmai brown rice or half-milled rice, side salad and pickles for Y1,296 and Y1,728 with a drink.

You can order a mild chicken curry with genmai brown rice or half-milled rice and pickles for Y1,512 or Y1,944 with a drink.

They also offer vegetarian curry, tomato sauce spaghetti with seasonal vegetables, homebaked cakes and more.

They also have a lunch buffet which starts at 11:00 to 2:00 p.m. (adults Y1,296 and children 2-6 – Y648). and a dinner buffet from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (adults Y2,160 and children 9 to 12 – Y1,080 and children 2-6 – Y756).

They also host a vegetarian night held on the fourth Monday of each month.

If you are in Omotesando and want to visit a place for children or to eat at a buffet with healthy ingredients and more, definitely visit Crayonhouse in Omotesando (Tokyo) or in Osaka.