The One about Habi Sushi in Porterville, California

I have eaten at awesome sushi restaurants throughout Japan and in America, I’ve eaten sushi throughout California.

So, whenever people tell me to try a restaurant out, I usually wait in three’s.  That is if I hear three people telling me to check it out, then I’ll have to check it out!

While most often the sushi locations are in the Bay Area or Southern California, the latest place is probably the most mystifying location that I would never expect a sushi restaurant to be located…Porterville, California.

Being Asian American, I have never in my life seen an Asian American who lived in Porterville.  If I have, they are living outside of the area and are there just for work.

But sure enough, Habi Sushi is a sushi restaurant owned by Korean restaurateurs who speak fluent Korean and are based in the area.  While I didn’t speak to them in Korean aside from saying “gomabseubnida” (thank you).

I had to try this location because people told me the sushi is delicious.

The first thing I noticed is the place is located at a shopping complex.  No surprise as many California-based sushi restaurants are located in some shopping complex.

Similar to a lot of sushi restaurants, you have several people working the sushi area and preparing the food.  Inside the restaurant is very nice and it does get filled up during lunch time but they have big screen televisions to keep people entertained (set to the sports channels).  The place is very clean and customer service is really good.

The dishes were quite delicious and for each meal, you can expect to spend around $10-12.  Add a side roll for $4-$5 and a drink and you can have a good meal for under $20 per person.  But the location has a large variety to choose from on their menu.  It’s a fusion of sushi variations that will appeal to various ages and people of different ethnicities.  Want something sweet?  Something spicy or hot?  You can find it on the menu.

While I have been spoiled by big portion California sushi locations like Zipangu in Fresno and a few in the Bay Area which give more for your money, the prices are actually quite standard compared to other sushi locations around the state and even in Japan for the standard restaurants, you could be paying Y1400-Y2000, so it’s about the same.  Of course, the difference is the freshness of the fish, but for the most part, the fish and seafood did not taste old.  So, for those going to this restaurant, should not worry about where they get their seafood from.

As a place owned by Koreans, you can also expect Korean dishes on the menu such as bulgogi and also Chinese dishes as well.

Overall, for a sushi restaurant in Central California, let alone in Tulare County and not in Visalia or Tulare, finding a restaurant like Habi Sushi is a surprise.  Cool establishment with a modern interior, clean location, great customer service, quick service without the long wait and a diverse menu and delicious sushi in the Central Valley, definitely give Habi Sushi in Porterville a try!