The One about Anniversaire Cafe in Omotesando

For those visiting/shopping at Aoyama/Omotesando (and a second location at Minato Mirai in Yokohama) will no doubt want to check out Anniversaire Cafe.

The name meaning “anniversary” in French, the restaurant was established in 1998, the restaurant is known for it’s house-made pastry and their special espresso.

The theme was where anyone can visit any time for an anniversary, may it be weddings, where one wants to create new memories, and a place to experience pleasant memories, that is why Anniversaire Cafe was created.

One can enjoy a cheese hamburg steak with honey mustard or a baked salmon with herbs bread crumbs with balsamic vinegar with a baguette or rice for Y1500.  Other items offered for lunch includes spaghetti with bacon, vegetables and tomato sauce for Y1300, truffle ham and cheese hot sandwich croque-monsieur for Y1500, focaccia sandwich (dried fish) for Y1400, croissant sandwich with smoked salmon and fresh salad for Y1400.

But there are also a variety of salads such as the Anniversaire Cafe original salad for Y1500, the salad nicoise with smoked salmon for Y1500, a caesar salad with grilled spicy chicken for Y1400.


The place is also known for its french pastries as they are offering new items such as The vert, Tarte au citron for Y700 or the creme brulee, mille-feuille, blanche, baked cheese cake, Anniversaire chocolat and more for Y500-Y700.

For dinner one can get main dishes such as the grilled lamb (Y1500), pizza with tomato sauce, prosciutto and rucola for Y1300, spicy beef curry and more for Y1300.

And cocktails are also available.

Anniversaire Cafe is one of the coolest locations in terms of cuisine, classiness, customer service and atmosphere but it’s smack down in the middle near many of the major shopping areas.  So, it’s very convenient for anyone who is shopping or visiting the area and want to grab something to eat.

Anniversaire Cafe is open at 11:00 a.m. through 11 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner.