The One about Ueshima Coffee Company

Located in Minato Ward and other locations is the Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC), a cafe that was first created in 1933 in Kobe.

The owner of the Kona coffee farm in Hawaii, the company was formerly known as Ueshima Tadao Shoten in 1933 and then later as Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.  The company is quite famous in Japan as it is the company that released the world’s first canned coffee.

In 1969, the company released their “UCC Coffee with Milk” and it created the canned coffee trend in Japan.

In fact, the coffee became even more popular when it was featured in the 1977 animated film “The End of Evangelion” and the collaboration with UCC led to six coffee can designs and became popular collector’s items.  And the trend has continued in the more recent Evangelion films.


But go into a Ueshima Coffee Company shop (which opens at 11:00 a.m.) and for breakfast, you can get their popular thick butter toast or their coleslaw egg salad sandwich.


At lunch, the cafe then offers numerous sandwiches such as a bacon clubhouse sandwich (thick cuts), shrimp avocado sandwich,  BLT and their popular cole slaw egg salad sandwich is still available at lunch and the sandwiches range from Y410-Y520.

And what cafe is not complete without desert and Ueshima Coffee Company offers a plethora of sweets.  From their chocolate from Belgium ala Madeleine, or their butter salt madeleine, various pies and cheesecakes and ice cream.


But of course, the place is where people go for coffee and beverages.

Each season, Ueshima Coffee Shop features various drinks such as Orange Milk Coffee, Coconut Milk Coffee, Ethiopia Mocha Coffee Granita, Shaved Ice Macha and more.

Or you can get their specialty coffee such as Tanzania Kirema, Nel drip blended coffee, ice wine coffee, wiener coffee, iced coffee and if you want decaf, you can find cdecaf brown sugar coffee, sugar milk coffee, non-sugar milk coffee, sugar milk coffee and more.


And the prices are consistent at what you would see at a Starbucks or other coffee shops.

If you are in Japan and are a coffee fan, definitely check out the Ueshima Coffee Company in Minato and other locations throughout Japan!,139.5640427,11z/data=!3m1!4b1