The One about Bistro Tigre Bon Bon at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro

Are you a person who wants variety when you go to a Japanese restaurant?  Are you in Tokyo with your family and you have children who are not so open to different types of food?

Fortunately, there is Bistro Tigre Bon Bon, a restaurant inside the Sunshine City mall which serves Japanese, Italian and also western cuisine.

The restaurant is not huge but comparable to most restaurants you spot in a Japanese mall.  The restaurant was clean and upkeep was very good.

Customer service was good when I was there and received great customer service, especially through the manager who helped me out with looking for destinations around the busy Sunshine City.

But in terms of food, I ordered tonkatsu curry rice.  Looking at the food samples in front, I suppose I thought it was larger in portions but it’s about average in size.  But the overall curry dish was delicious.

I probably would go to this restaurant again to try other dishes but I’m quite curious about their omurice and will need to give it a try.

Overall, if you are looking for a restaurant that offers a bit of a variety, definitely give Bistro Tigre Bon Bon a chance.