The One about Hikawa Shrine in Adachi

In Tokyo’s Adachi Ward, if there is one name for a temple that you can find several in the area, it’s Hikawa Shrine.

The one I visited is the Hikawa Shrine that is part of the Shigeru Ruins and is often referred to as “The House of Fuchi” and it’s a reference to the guardian of Fuchie territory.

The Shrine’s building date is unknown but events that took place in 1872 was used as reference for the area.

Because of the many numerous shrines, especially with the name of Hikawa, this shrine is quite the unknown shrine.  And there are stories that it was the oldest Hikawa Shrine and the deity was guardian for several villages.

But going to this shrine, you are greeted with the torii (gate) and the Hikawa Buddhist palace in the center.  But also dead cedars that are respected can be found in the Hikawa Shrine area.

What’s interesting is that you will see these small blue house-like structures but around the area is an ancient ruin where Yayoi pottery and older mirrors, balls, tubes, mortars and fishing gear from centuries ago were found.

The location is now considered a historic site for Adachi Ward.